Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Well...there's a 99% chance that you already know this, but for those who don't...this is very important information. During one of my visits at Bob Mosher, he demonstrated the concept of the reversed shifting pattern.

Back in the days, superstock racecars where equiped with a slighlty modified automatic transmission. To lose weight (and they did that in every possible way), the Park was removed. You don't need that anyway. Then, the shiftpattern was reversed. This means, that normaly, when the shifter is it's lowest position, first gear is selected (1). When you want to shift up, to second, you first have to pull the lever towards you, shift it up and release it. Now second gear is selected (2). Repeat this to select Drive (D).'ll understand that when you push the throttle all the way and get 3-4 G's on your ass and having trouble holding on to the steering wheel, you don't have time to do this or even think about it. There might be a slight chance that you accidently select Drive from first...and that means, race lost...There's a smart solution for this.

The shiftlever's starting position is where the Drive would normally be (D). But, since the reversed the shift pattern, this would be the first gear now (1). To select second (2), just slam the lever down (locking mechanism from tranny is removed). It will automatically lock so that it won't slip into Drive (D). To select Drive, pull the lever towards you, move it down and release it again. This means, a Super Stock shifting Pattern looks like this: R - N - 1 - 2 - D.

The guy who invented this should get a medal because this is way to cool!

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