Thursday, May 22, 2008

Burn in hell: shipping company!

I'm so damn pissed of you can't even imagine. After being told my car was on the Glasgow Maersk and on her way to Europe, the fuckers just LIED. I just can't understand WHY they would do that. The car is STILL IN NEWARK U.S.A.!!!! FUCK! Excuse my french but I'm just so finished with these "nice" shipping companies where "customer satisfaction" is #1 and "good service" is #2. Well, eat it, sit on it and you can stick that where the sun doesn't shine. Customer testimonials on their site...pfff choke on it, get a fat brain. This will be, the last time ever I will ship a car across the big pond.

Attempt 2 is put in motion. Now the shipping company promissed me the car is on the Maersk Messologi (former Mayview Maersk as seen here on the picture. I told my contact that this was very hard to believe until proven otherwise. We'll see...we'll see...

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