Monday, April 19, 2010

4-speed conversion: progress...

Made some real progress last saturday. My good friend and Mopar-E-buddy Davy made me use his garage. Big thanks for that! Here's some shots...Was too busy wrenching and getting all greased up so I didn't have too much time to make some nice shots.

We're almost there. The A833 is in place but the transmission mount didn't fit and the starter didn't fit because of the stupid headers (damn I hate those). So almost there!

Middle section of exhaust system removed.

The John Cope tranny finally made it to the ground.

Tranny cooler and shifter removed. Flywheel is waiting for assembly.

We had to remove the gril to get the trannycooler. This is a familiar shot.

Red on the operating table.

Jowan (left) helped me (right) out. It was fun!

Clutch assembled! I used an old prise-axle to align the whole sjabang. Works out fine.

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