Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Wishnu's 64

Wishnu's newest project arrived. Let the pictures do the talking...


Anonymous said...

Nice! Perfect car to make a sleeper.
Greetings, Crazy

Patrick said...

Nice ride!
I have a 63 Polara too ;-)

By the way, does this one still have its fender tag?
I got mine without :-(
I have the same interior (anniversary) and I need new weather trim.
Now I don't know if I have to order fawn or champagne.
Sending it back, if I'd choose the wrong one would be very expensive as I'm on the other side of the ocean ;-)
Any help would be welcome!
If anyone knows something that would help me, feel free to mail me: mail@pepi.eu.

Patrick said...

ahh, it was built in 63 but of course I'm talking about a 64...sorry!