Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Engine removal

Today we removed the mill from Red. Here's an illustrated report:

Our weapon of choice
The Target

CarToon guiding the motor and hoist
Yes, the motor is really out of the car
Floating motor
Checking the internal of the engine. Most of the main bearings where slightly damaged due to the bad lifter probably. Also the cilinder walls have some slight damage. The oilpump was completely gone. We are going to turn that piece of iron into a nice statue or something like that.

Pistons removed, some pushrod bearings where not "that good".

Heads. Seemed that 1 valve was new, the rest looked "original". These are close chamber heads.

The Aftermath: mission accomplished

I hate headers...
Hm...this is not right...and what's with the orange spray-markings on the timing-chian's shackles?


Anonymous said...

Is the guy who sold you the car offering any help? Was the car supposed to be in "perfect" condition? I've bought two cars off of Ebay. Niether was as advertised, however, I got to inspect them before I handed any money over.

PostMan said...

This is not an eBay car but bought via The previous owner was very helpfull in the first place. Inspecting the vehicle a little difficult because of the distance (i'm in europe). I wonder if I would've discovered this when I did inspect the car...think not.

Anonymous said...

If you feel you were treated fairly that's all that matters. We have a lot crooks in the vintage auto business.

PostMan said...

I was and yes I know. has to be fixed so...we're gonna do that ;-)