Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Survivor: 1971 Dodge Charger SE

Again, this is not an early b-body but my buddy Marcel bought this 1971 Dodge Charger SE a couple of weeks ago and since we don't get to see survivor cars this much, I thought I should mention it. I totally hate the model and think is ugly but then again, that's personal.

This car is matching numbers, has a 383cui 2BBL backed up by a 727 TF automatic transmission which is followed up by a 2.76 gearing. It's a high optioned car; powersteering, powered disk brakes, air conditioning, speedcontrol, 6-way seats, remote hood release, tape-recorder, FM-radio, automatic and so on...I was stunned about the condition of this car. Funny that, with all that options, it doesn't have a right outside mirror...

I don't like the model but I do like the color (Butterscotch Yellow). Chrome is in perfect condition. The only place where you can tell the car has aged, is the trunklid. The paint is "not so good" overthere and has faded.

Single exhaust! How cute...She purs like a kittin'...

Enginebay is original and all labels are there. Except for the repainted valve covers, a new radiator hose and a new radiator, and maybe a new master brakecilinder, this is untouched. Yes, that's a speed-control on the right. Even the heatshield is still there!

The interior is flawless and looks like it's never been used. Even the driver-seat (6-way) is like new. Nice detail: taperecorder.

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